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Your Automation Analyser

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Course curriculum

    1. 1intro

    2. Introduction: Requirements gathering, workshops and data rathering

    1. The Opportunities List and Checklist

    2. CREATE a Process Map

    3. WRITE a Business Case

    4. CREATE a PDD

    5. CREATE an L4/keystroke document (using work instructions)

    1. Introduction: Assign a developer, manage the relationship

    2. PDD clarification

    3. SDD creation

    4. UiPath: WATCH a bot being built (Guide through the UiPath process)

    5. WATCH Automation Anywhere bot built

    1. Introduction: Test environment vs Live Environment

    2. UiPath: Test bot in test environment

    3. Automation Anywhere: Test environment

    4. UAT (user acceptance testing)

    5. Pass/fail? Review output files

    6. Debug, Fix errors, Test, Repeat

    7. UiPath: Test in live environment (small values, watch closely)

    1. Congrats! Successful and signed off

    2. Support framework

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  • 4.5 hours of video content

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