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Your Automation Analyser

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Who this course is for:

Anyone who wants to get involved in automation, and shine as a knowledgeable RPA expert, Analyst, business leader or someone keen to upskill

Requirements & What you will learn

All you need is a keen interest in robotic process automation

  • An overview of key RPA topics to start making an impact in their organisation

  • Debunk the most talked about RPA myths

  • Learn top BENEFITS and top challenges businesses and RPA analysts face

  • Downloadable resources for free! (Presentation slides, automation catalogue)

Course curriculum

    1. About this course

    2. About me

    3. Welcome - why I love empowering others

    1. How can I describe RPA in a short soundbite?

    2. What's the first step to implementing RPA?

    3. What caused this growing need for RPA?

    4. Can you shed some light on the popular RPA myths?

    5. What are the top benefits RPA can bring to my team?

    6. What are to top RPA challenges?

    7. Test your RPA knowledge

    1. How do I identify an RPA-suitable process?

    2. What tools can help me identify solutions in my organisation?

    3. What steps should I put in my implementation plan?

    4. What is Lean Six Sigma?

    1. How do I calculate how many bots I need?

    2. What does a Centre of Excellence structure look like?

    3. This is not the end, but the beginning of your RPA journey

About this course

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  • 17 lessons
  • 0.5 hours of video content

5+ downloads to share with colleagues

Several downloadable tools and slides to share with your colleagues and use in your automation projects


In this course I answer the top questions I'm frequently asked about RPA by other analysts and business leaders. I'm sure you've asked these questions yourself but maybe couldn't get a clear answer

1. What is RPA in a sentence?

2. What's the first step when implementing RPA?

3. What are the biggest RPA myths?

4. What are the top benefits for you and your team?

5. What are the top RPA challenges to look out for?

6. How do you spot an RPA-suitable process?

7. How do you identify opportunities (and solutions) in your organisation?

8. What steps should i put in my implementation plan?

9. What is Lean Six Sigma?

My answers will cover the most popular topics to do with automating processes, and I've talked about some tools and methods to use in your 'Lean RPA' plan.

This course is to give you a good overview and gives you have a platform to discuss your situations, thoughts and questions so I can response in the discussion board or create a in depth video to guide you through any issues you're dealing will

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