Who this course is for:

Business analysts

Process improvement analysts

Business owners

Lean thinking / Lean Six Sigma analysts

Requirements & What you will Learn

A logic mind

Access to Microsoft Visio or any type of process mapping tool (e.g. Draw.io is a free online mapping tool)

  • How to correctly draw process maps

  • Be a process map expert and excel in business analysis, process improvement and RPA

  • How to use maps to make your business's processes more efficient

  • Learn a vital skill for an RPA (robotic process automation) analyst career

Course curriculum

    1. Introduction - the benefits of process mapping

    2. Making toast. Cafe shop process

    3. What is process mapping

    1. Process Mapping tools

    2. Start using Microsoft Visio

    1. How to process map

    2. Create a cross-functional process map

    3. Facilitating process mapping workshops

    1. As Is and To Be Process Mapping

    2. Process Improvement Techniques

    3. Editing As Is Process Map

    4. Process Mapping and Process Improvement Techniques

    5. Process Mapping and Process Improvement Techniques

    6. Business Process Design and Re-design Overview

    1. Project Management

    2. Sponsoring and Supporting Process Improvement Projects

About this course

  • $199.99
  • 16 lessons
  • 2 hours of video content

5+ downloads to share with colleagues

Several downloadable tools and slides to share with your colleagues and use in your automation projects

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SUCCESSFUL AUTOMATION ROLLOUT IS HARD... Let's help you overcome common challenges and pitfalls

Process Mapping or Business Process Mapping as it is often called is a way of communicating how a task is accomplished. Learn how to optimise your business through mapping how the back-office processes work and also how they relate to each other

Just imagine, if someone had to write down how the process for taking a customer order for example, how difficult that would be. How many paragraphs of text would that take? They say a picture tells a thousand words. A process map is a picture that tells a thousand words in a very clear and concise way. We discover more about what process maps are in later modules.


  • Management Control

  • Customer Service and Quality

  • Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness

  • Be compliant and meet legal requirements

  • Use for better training and on-boarding staff

Also, Quality and Business Improvement Measures using:

· Lean

· Six Sigma

· Business Process Improvement

· Continuous Improvement or Kaizen

· Business Process Re-engineering

· Process mapping is also a part of the IT Business Analyst toolkit.